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Handwashing 101 (Yes, there is a "right" way.)

Do you really know how to wash your hands? Are you sure?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Hand hygiene is an important tool in the fight against COVID-19, along with social distancing and wearing a mask.

And yes, there is a right way to wash your hands.

  • Use warm water  (not cold or hot) to wet hands
  • Apply soap
  • Wash both sides of your hands
  • Wash your wrists
  • Wash between your fingers
  • Wash around your nails  (germs like to hide there)
  • Sing the “Happy Birthday” song two times while washing (or any other favorite song that lasts about 20 seconds
  • Rinse hands and dry well with a clean towel
  • Remind your friends to wash their hands 

If you can't wash your hands regularly, use a hand sanitizer that is at least 60% ethanol (ethyl alcohol) or 70% isopropanol alcohol (isopropyl alcohol).

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