UVALDE, Texas — Uvalde County is reporting its first case of coronavirus, according to the Uvalde Leaver-News. 

The Uvalde Leader-News streamed a press conference with representatives from Uvalde Memorial Hospital, the City of Uvalde, and Uvalde County, however, due to technical difficulties, a summarized version of the presser was posed to the official Facebook page of the Uvalde Leader-News. 

According to the post, a patient tested positive for a case of coronavirus at the Uvalde Memorial Hospital, marking the first case in the county. 

The patient was reportedly seen in the emergency room of Uvalde Memorial Hospital on Wednesday evening. 

The patient was then transferred to a San Antonio hospital. 

Tom Nordwick, CEO of Uvalde Memorial Hospital, assured residents that staff took "all necessary precautions and wore personal protective equipment."

Additionally, Nordwick added that local and state health teams are working on tracking down anyone that the patient may have had contact with prior to being seen at the hospital.