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Family who lost mother to coronavirus stresses the need for life insurance

Losing a loved one is hard, but Yolanda De Hoyos' family says her life insurance helped ease the burden of paying for her final expenses.

SAN ANTONIO — Losing a loved one to the coronavirus is hard enough. Having to figure out how to pay for their funeral is just one of many burdens. Here we introduce you to one family who just lost their mother, but did one thing beforehand that's making the loss a little bit less difficult.

"Use laughter to set healing vibrations into motion to fill a room with the sunshine of good cheer."

Those were some of the words of wisdom left behind in the Spiritual Food of Yolanda de Hoyos when she passed away from the coronavirus just two weeks ago. To her family, those words mean a lot.

Her son, Glenn Rodriguez told us, "I rarely saw her with a frown on her face. She was always smiling walk into a room and make everybody smile all the time."

Her daughter, Gina Hobbs added, "Our guardian angel now just giving us wisdom and telling us we need to move forward with our lives and that she still going to be there with us."

That guardian angel always taking care of her kids. Even after leaving this world, by having life insurance that not every family is lucky enough to have. Hobbs said, "As we were going through this very difficult time and just days after her funeral we didn't have to worry about how we were going to pay for my mom's services."

Jaime Luna from State Farm Insurance told us, "Having those two life policies in place was really key to some of the grief not being as painful because at least we had one check in the box for them that ended up being very critical at this time."

de Hoyos did not survive the virus but another client of Jamie Luna's did but still has complications, and that's why he stresses getting a disability policy as well. Luna added, "Having a disability policy can help ease with those bills and some of those pains, am I going to have to struggle through work with his heart condition or am I going to have something to pay the bills after?"

de Hoyos' daughter Libby Rodriguez stresses to any family to get insurance now before the unexpected happens. She said, "Yes it is important and yes it might be five dollars a month to pay for your policy but at least you know that your loved ones are going to be taken care of and they are not going to struggle."

Luna also says to get a policy even on your children if you are able, because this disease does not discriminate.