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Reopening San Antonio: Mayor urges caution ahead of Gov. Abbott's announcement

Governor Abbott is planning to his vision for reopening Texas. San Antonio's mayor, however, is urging caution out of fears of more coronavirus outbreaks.

SAN ANTONIO — Friday was the first day for some businesses to get back to work in the retail-to-go model. But, is it too soon to open the economy?

Orthopedic Surgeon and Spurs Physician Dr. David Schmidt hasn't done a single surgery in five weeks.

"There's only one thing worse than an athlete that can't work-out is a surgeon that can't operate," he said.

Now, elective surgeries can resume. He plans to get back to work next week. Schmidt gave his medical opinion on opening up our economy.

"As long as we continue to do what we are doing -- face masks, social distancing, just being diligent on washing hands," he said. "I personally think we are doing the right thing."

All eyes are on Governor Abbott. He is expected to announce plans to reopen a wide range of places, including hair salons and retail outlets. Mayor Nirenberg had this warning.

"The worst thing we can do open is open in a careless manner," he said. "Which means all the hardships we went through, all the frustrations that we felt is we have had to scale things back will be for not. If we end up going in reverse. If we see a lot more outbreaks, and we end up having to shut things down again."

Dr. Schmidt believes it will be a while before we ever got get back to normal.

"I think we will continue maybe for months to do the things that we have been doing to help mitigate the virus," he said.

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