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'What we feared has now happened' | Coronavirus overruns Texas family of 6

One of the children contracted pneumonia and COVID-19 at the same time and went to the hospital.

High temperatures, body aches, coughs, sore throats and stomach pain. These are just a few of the symptoms Beth Cordova and her family members are experiencing after they all contracted coronavirus.

The Texas family from Diboll includes Cordova's 44-year-old husband and her four children -- two boys and two girls who range from 19 to 24 years old.

Cordova believes the family got COVID-19 from one of her daughters who is a nurse.

"My daughter took care of a COVID positive patient on June 1 and she got the first symptoms on June 4," Cordova told CBS News.

Days after her daughter and one of her sons tested positive for the virus, Cordova started experiencing symptoms.

"Well, what we feared has now happened," Cordova posted on Facebook on June 11. "I am now running a 101 temp (woke up ... thought it was a fluke and took meds. Woke up now and temp is back) feel like death. Aching from head to toe, definitely have a loss of taste, and a headache but I think that’s from the fever."

In the following days, the rest of her family started showing similar symptoms. Cordova's other daughter, Breahna, contracted pneumonia.

"She was the last one to be diagnosed. And hers is actually COVID pneumonia, which is a little bit more serious. But, so far, she's handling it OK and she's on the meds already. So I'm hoping that's enough to kick it to the curb," Cordova said. 

Although not 100%, Cordova said everyone in her family is hanging in there.

She has shared daily updates on Facebook about her family's conditions and said she wants people to be educated about the virus and take the necessary precautions to keep themselves and their families safe.

"I can't tell you how many messages I've gotten on Facebook since all this stuff started because I wasn't really trying to reach out to people that I didn't know," Cordova said. "But somehow they all found out I was only speaking to the people that I am very good friends with from work, letting them know what was going on and then it just kind of spread from there."

With Texas reopening, Cordova said her biggest fear is that she will catch the virus again.

"So, maybe if everybody would just get on board with even just wearing the mask, maybe it would at least keep it at bay. Not necessarily stopping because I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon," Cordova told CBS News. "And I know it's probably not a 100% safety measure, but it's better than nothing at all."

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