SAN ANTONIO — “At this point, especially in Texas, we still have a window of opportunity to slow down the spread of this virus,” says Dr. Bijal Balasubramania.

We've been told non stop - it's on us to slow the spread and flatten the curve by staying home.

Many Americans are asking if we are doing enough for things to get back to normal by the federal government’s goal of Easter. Here's what an epidemiologist from UT-Health School of Public Health in Dallas has to say.

“We don't have enough good data to decide when a quarantine could be lifted. We're not testing enough people and when you don't test and you don't know the true prevalence of the disease, it's almost impossible to determine how quickly it's spreading,” explained Dr. Bijal Balasubramania

She says more testing, means more people testing positive.

The biggest group of infected right now are 20 to 44 year old, but just one in five people in the hospital are in the 20 to 44 age range. People 65 to 84 lead the country in the number of hospitalizations.

So what does she suggest we do? Continue social distancing - realize that we are fighting an uphill battle and dig in for our communities and personal health.

Dr. Bijal Balasubramanian reminds us that we're not alone in this fight - it's going to take communities across the country following the rules for us to succeed.

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