SAN ANTONIO - Brooke Army Medical Center announced Tuesday that it "identified the likely source of the Legionella bacteria in building 15," which previously resulted in two staff members reporting symptoms for Legionella bacteria.

The staff members affected reportedly worked in a building adjacent to the hospital. BAMC said in Aug. 2017 that it decided to relocate all staff members who work in that building to a different area.

After testing numerous sources, BAMC said a hot water heater in building 15 was determined to be the source for the Legionella.

Legionella bacteria can cause anything from mild flu to Legionnaires’ disease.

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BAMC said crews conducted "extensive testing" after two cases of Legionnaires’ disease were confirmed in Aug., but no source for the bacteria was found at that time.

“We have been conducting extensive testing in and around building 15 to determine the source of the Legionella bacteria,” said Col. Traci Crawford, BAMC’s deputy commanding officer. “Ensuring the health and safety of our patients and staff are paramount.”

BAMC said Tuesday that personnel were moved out of the building affected to other areas within the facility on Feb. 6. Building 15 reportedly remains vacant and secured.

“We are fully cooperating with local and regional public health officials to make sure there is no further risk for exposure moving forward,” Crawford said.

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