Gunfight between man and off-duty SAPD officer leaves 1 paralyzed, but no one behind bars
A gunfight in a northwest-side parking lot left two men riddled with bullets and a woman with a gunshot wound to the head.
Author: Mario Leal, Aaron Wright
Published: 11:06 PM CST February 4, 2019
Updated: 10:23 PM CST February 12, 2019
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SAN ANTONIO, Texas — A gunfight in a northwest-side parking lot left two men riddled with bullets and a woman with a gunshot wound to the head. 

But even with all three individuals cooperating with the investigation, none of them are behind bars today.


Gunfight between man and off-duty SAPD officer leaves 1 paralyzed, but no one behind bars

Chapter 1


Traffic incident leads to shooting incident.

It's something nearly every San Antonio driver has experienced: anger on the roadway-- Maybe someone cuts you off or swipes in front of you, giving you just enough time to slam on your brakes.

But a confrontation back in May of 2018 between one driver and an off-duty San Antonio Police officer nearly turned deadly, ending in a spray of bullets blasted through vehicles, nearby street signs, and businesses.

While both men's statements shared with police are conflicting in some ways, they are in agreement that it all started when off-duty SAPD officer Dezi Rios, 35, cut off Demontae Walker, 25, on a stretch of Northwest-side Interstate 10.

Documents obtained by KENS 5 detail the traffic incident that led up to the shoot-out in Allstars Gentlemen's Club parking lot, reportedly leaving Walker paralyzed for the rest of his life.

Walker said he was traveling down I-10 on his way to take his cousin, Destiny Rhodes to apply for a job.

According to Walker, just as he was preparing to exit on Wurzbach, a grey car flew past his car's passenger side "going around 120 miles per hour," and almost colliding into his Dodge Charger, before exiting off the highway in the same location Walker was heading.

Rios, who was reportedly on his way home from a Cadet Dinner at Ajuua Restaurant, admitted to cutting Walker off, adding that the pair ended up in the same parking lot, which is when things escalated.

Chapter 2


Tensions rise; bullets fly.

Rios and Walker pulled into the same parking lot at Allstars Gentlemen's Club.

Walker was reportedly taking his cousin to apply for a job at the business. Rios told investigators he pulled into the lot to search for his cell phone to call his wife.

That is when Rios said Walker pulled up alongside him, rolled down his window and began to yell at him. Rios said that before he was able to respond, Walker got out of his car and began approaching Rios.

Rios decided to exit his vehicle at that point because "he did not want to be at a disadvantage inside his car if the guy was going to do something."

According to Rios, Walker began yelling at him, hurling expletives at him and accusing Rios of almost killing him. Officer Rios said he responded in kind. "Obviously I f*****g didn’t because you’re still here. You’re a f*****g dumbass for pulling over. Get the f*** out of here."

That is when Rios claims Walker pulled out a gun and started shooting. Rios responded by grabbing his own weapon and firing it "until his gun’s slide locked to the rear."

Accounts from Walker differ. While Walker admits to firing the first shots, he said they were made in self-defense.

Walker said he actually parked his car behind Rios' in a different row. Walker said he grabbed the gun from his vehicle's center console and put it in his pocket.

Walker alleged that when he exited his vehicle, Rios was already outside of his own and seemed 'amped up' and 'drunk.' Walker said Rios 'had an attitude with him and was walking toward him.'

Walker said he saw Rios reach for his waistband and assumed he was reaching for a gun. At that point, Walker said he reached for his own and began to fire.

Rios went for his gun, returned fire striking Walker and grazing Rhode's head.

Chapter 3


Cell phone, surveillance footage capture dramatic, bloody scene.

Surveillance video shows the moment Rhodes ran into Allstars Gentlemen's club. Moments later Officer Rios can be witnessed walking towards the door of the club covered in blood.

The camera pans to show customers inside a nearby restaurant on the ground hiding from gunshots.

The camera faces Rios again as he lays on the ground in front of the club's door.

Bodycam worn by an officer shows the moments SAPD and EMS come to Officer Rios aide.

In addition to the three people wounded, glass and televisions were shot at 210 Ceviche, the restaurant next door to the Allstars.

In the video, SAPD Officer Robles rides with Rios to University Hospital, where he's treated for multiple gunshot wounds.

A few days earlier, Walker was interviewed in his own hospital bed. He told officers his side of what happened that night.

Walker was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Chapter 4


Officer Rios receives 15-day suspension.

Officer Rios was disciplined by SAPD for his role in the shooting.

A letter detailing Rios' 15-day suspension reveals he was drinking prior to the shooting and 'unfit to report for duty.'

The letter stated that Rios' conduct before the shooting 'brought reproach on himself and the department.'

Excerpt from Rios' suspension report
Excerpt from Rios' suspension report

KENS 5 reached out to the San Antonio Police Department for an interview. SAPD Chief William McManus sent the following statement:

We forwarded all of the evidence and facts surrounding the circumstances of this incident to the District Attorney's Office. We respect the judicial process and the Grand Jury's decision to no bill this case. Furthermore, an internal investigation was conducted and Officer Rios was issued a 15-day suspension for administrative violations.

According to SAPD in addition to his 15-day suspension Officer Rios is currently on 'limited duty' assigned to the Crime Scene Evidence Unit.

Chapter 5


Multiple people are shot, but no one goes to jail. How?

In December, A Bexar County grand jury decided not to charge Walker in the shooting. "After considering the evidence presented against Demontae Walker, the grand jury did not return a true bill of indictment for any criminal charges."

The case was given a 'No Bill', which refers to a grand jury's decision that insufficient evidence exists for an indictment on a criminal charge.

Rios was left with wounds to his abdomen, buttock, left hand, and right leg. Walker was shot in his left shoulder, chest, hip, right forearm and back/spine. According to Walker's attorney, he is now paralyzed.

Attempts to reach Officer Rios, Demontae Walker, and Destiny Rhodes for further comment on the incident were not successful.

The Bexar County District Attorney's Office said all its investigations and reviews into the case are now closed. No one is facing charges. A grand jury decided not to charge Walker and Officer Rios was disciplined by SAPD.