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Four college students volunteer to help Taco Taco owner keep doors open

The owner of Taco Taco was left helpless after her waiters walked out during the lunch rush but some customers stepped up to help her.

Taco Taco Cafe, located near Trinity University, was made famous by the Food Network.

Helen Velesiotis opened the local spot almost 20 years ago. It's best known for serving breakfast tacos all day.

"I go to Trinity right down the street, and so it's not uncommon to come out here after a morning workout and come grab some food," Gavin Huse said. "And Mrs. Helen is always working her tail off making us some food, so seeing her like that was breaking our hearts and we had to do something."

During the lunch hour, Velesiotis says that her wait staff suddenly walked out.

"We're sitting here and there's some conflict going on between the waiter and the waitress and Mrs. Helen," Huse said. "Mrs. Helen’s awesome and so we're just watching whats going on."

Huse said when he saw Velesiotis was working the restaurant on her own, him and his friends stepped up to help.

"We called our friend Jacob and he came and he was ready to work," Huse said.

Another customer, Dillon Bishop, said that he's been going to Taco Taco Cafe all his life and he too stepped up to the plate.

"Sometimes in life you're going to be faced with the suffering of another person and you're going to have an option to step in and help and you're going to have an option to just walk away. I was presented with both of those options and I decided to help," Bishop said. "I feel like it's been an awarding experience for me. It's been a rewarding experience for everyone involved."

All four college students helped keep the business running until closing time then helped Velesiotis prepare for the next day.

They refused to take any money from her at the end of the day.

"These young people are going to get ahead in their lives," Velesiotis said. "They've done good for me and I'm never going to forget them. They're the best. And I know God is going to give them back what they want and I know they are going to be very successful cause they are going to help other people in that way."

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