Disturbing video surfaced on social media of two 6th-graders fighting. But it's the way the officer broke up the fight that is raising eyebrows and concern.

A Northside police officer appears to discipline only one student for the fight, slamming him facedown into the ground and yanking him up and out the door.

"We became aware after video was presented to us," said Barry Perez, an NISD spokesman. "There were parents that brought the video out of concern.”

A witness recorded a video of the fight on their phone, which happened during a lunch period at Rawlinson Middle School.

“If you see the video, it's definitely something you see occurring. We don’t have any reason at this point to believe there was racial motivation in terms of the officer’s actions," Perez said. "We think he was trying to stop a conflict."

The district says that both students were punished, but for confidentiality reasons they can't specify what discipline was taken, nor do they know the motive for the 6th-graders fighting in the first place.

“I think protocol obviously would not include slamming a child into the ground," Perez said. "For that very reason, it prompted an investigation on our part. It raised enough concern that we wanted to conduct our own internal investigation and get to the bottom of this."

The officer seen in the video has been with NISD police for seven years, according to the district, and officials say that he has no prior record of misconduct. He is on administrative leave pending an investigation by human resources as well as an internal district police investigation.

CPS was also notified.