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UTSA delays release of full plan for fall semester, students voice concerns

They say masks will be required when classes start on August 24, and the full plan will be released July 8. "UTSA" trended on Twitter as students reacted.
Credit: KENS

SAN ANTONIO — The University of Texas at San Antonio delayed the release of their full plan for the fall semester citing the recent spike in coronavirus cases, prompting criticism from students.

The partial framework that they did release said campus will be open, including residence halls, and classes will move to online learning after Thanksgiving. They say masks will be required when classes start on August 24, and other safety measures will be implemented. The full plan will be released July 8.

"Initially we planned to share information today regarding broad decisions shaping our fall semester," the school said in an email to students, parents, faculty and staff. "However, the surge in COVID-19 cases in Texas over the last week amplifies the need to ensure our approach fully considers the range of possibilities ahead. The pandemic’s current trajectory is highly concerning to us all. We are taking a few extra days so that we can present all of you with a more complete picture of the fall semester and its flexible design."

The email prompted widespread criticism from students on Twitter, causing "UTSA" to trend on the platform. Many accused the school of putting financial considerations over the health and education of students.

Some asked questions about fees, tuition, and the cost of things like room and board and parking passes, considering that classes will go remote after Thanksgiving. Others noted the record increase in coronavirus cases locally, and asked what leaving campus in November would do to protect students and faculty from the coronavirus surge happening now.

The school is expected to release additional information on July 8, and the school's "tactical teams" will host town halls on July 9 and 10.

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