Numbers from the Texas Department of Transportation show more deaths from distracted driving in Bexar County than anywhere else in the state during the past year.

Johnson High School's PTSA Smart Driving Club is taking action to change that statistic, with efforts meant to catch your eye and refocus it on the road.

Their efforts include a variety of projects with one goal in mind: to keep eyes on the road.

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"Within city limits, it is illegal to be on your phone even at a stoplight,” student Ella Easley said. “And the sad fact is it's not only students and kids my age driving distracted, it's parents, grandparents, and you're not only putting other people in danger, you're putting yourself in danger as well.”

Parents, teachers, and students teamed up to convince businesses to add marquees reminding drivers to keep eyes on the road. They even got a billboard posted near 281 and Evans, a busy area where traffic and construction often lead to crashes.

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Soon, they'll roll out a public service announcement, showing how tragedy can come from actions that might not seem like a "big deal" in the moment.

"Checking notifications or trying to answer a text or when you're using the GPS, looking down at it for directions, or trying to answer phone calls," student Jaden Pipes said.

They've also worked to get signs at crosswalks near their school to curb dangers they say they've faced.

"The parents coming out from dropping their kids off in the morning and afternoon would come within inches of us," student Caitlyn Puppos said.

They're doing anything they can to remind people tjat distractions can be deadly and they won't stand for them in their neighborhood.

To learn more or to get involved, you can check out the official website of John High School’s PTSA Smart Driving Club here.