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New Braunfels Unicorns trot into new school year

Elementary, middle and high school students are all ready to have one fantastic year in the New Braunfels ISD.

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas — New Braunfels ISD welcomed more than 9,000 students back to class Monday morning.

Stepping off the school bus, walking over from home or jumping out of the car line, hundreds of tiny feet trotted their way through a wall of bubbles and into County Line Elementary.

A dance party put a pep in the students’ step. Bubble machines churned out hundreds of orbs and upbeat music also drifted through the air.

High fives and family pictures were snapped as the kids entered the building.

“Normally I take a picture right there next to the sign,” said County Line Elementary 5th grader Courtney Buckley. “I’m looking forward to seeing how 5th grade is and the last school year [here].”

PTA President Crystal Emerick has a son in 2nd grade and is excited to welcome a new principal; Danielle Taylor.

“This morning we were outside and the kids were so excited to come to school. The teachers and the principals had tutus on and the bubbles and the music. They were all excited to start their first day of school here,” said Emerick. “[My son has] been here since Kindergarten and we love, love County Line.”

The PTA also held a welcome breakfast for parents new to the campus.

“Having a strong PTA is good,” said Emerick. “We have a really good family environment with the teachers, staff, students, all together. The community is super involved. We have a great campus for that.”

A middle school student was spotted at the elementary school, wishing her younger brothers a happy first day back. Maveranee Urias is the cheer captain at New Braunfels Middle School. The 8th grader is savoring her final year at that campus.

“[I’m looking forward to] experiencing new things, I want to meet new people too,” said Urias.

Next year she’ll be at the Ninth Grade Center. Abbie Simmons is settling in there as a Freshman.

“It's a little overwhelming but I'm ready to start it and have a lot of fun,” said Simmons.

Elementary, middle and high school students are all ready to have one fantastic year.