A group of parents on the south side say their kids are having to walk long distances to school in dangerous areas because South San ISD abruptly cut off service to their neighborhoods.

They took their anger to the streets Wednesday with a protest outside of the school district's offices as they were having a board meeting.

The school board says these complains are a surprise to them. They had a meeting before school began to try to address parents' concerns about bus routes but didn't hear from this specific group of parents then.

"I'm here because they don't want to provide bus transportation to my son because we live 1.9 miles away from South San High School," said Delia Galvan, a parent.

South San ISD officials say they legally don't have to provide buses to kids who live within a two-mile radius of their campus.

They said the issues began this year when they consolidated two campuses in their district, Kazen Middle School and Athens Elementary School.

Kids who were absorbed into Zamora Middle School and Carrillo Elementary School are now taking new routes to school.

The district says they determine who receives bus access based on two things.

"They have to live further than two miles, and the second one is that it has to be deemed a hazardous route, and that's something that the board needs to vote on," said Jocelyn Durand from South San ISD.

But it's little peace of mind for these parents, who say for now their kids are walking up to an hour to get to class or not going at all if they can't find a safe way to get there.

If your child is in the South San School District and is not getting bus access and you think they're traveling through a hazardous route, you can call the district's transportation department at 210-977-7075.