SAN ANTONIO -- A 6th-grade girl at Rhodes Middle School was grabbed and dropped by a San Antonio Independent School District Police Officer last week.

Gloria Valdez is the mother of the 12-year-old girl who was handled by the SAISD Officer, she says it was completely uncalled for.

“Supposedly he was threatened by her that she kicked him, but in the video her legs never went up,” Valdez said.

Valdez's daughter did not want to go on camera but tells KENS 5 that she was having a conversation with another girl when a crowd surrounded them. She says that’s when the officer put his hands on her.

“All he had to is grab her and put her to the side,” Valdez said.

SAISD says that they learned about the video on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning they put the officer on paid administrative leave. They say they are investigating the incident.

According to SAISD, the officer in question has worked there for just over a year.

“That video is alarming,” said Leslie Price, an SAISD spokesperson. “We are gathering all the info we can to see what led up to it.”

Valdez says the force was so powerful it knocked her out.

“She was, I guess, unconscious. She doesn’t remember being arrested with handcuffs,” Valdez noted. “[She’s] bruised because of how she was hit on the cement.”

Valdez just hopes something good will come out of this

“I just want justice for my daughter,” Valdez said. “How do we know this officer won’t do it again to another student.”