You see them at the airport and now they're at area high school football games. Metal detectors.

"It's awesome I think it's great! I don't think anything would happen here but it makes me feel sure," said parents and teachers Susie and Kerri of the two metal detectors at the entrance to Friday's Reagan-Brennan game at Heroes Stadium.

Not everybody finds them to be a good idea, mainly because of the lines.

"I don't know that it makes it safer, but we got here 45 minutes early to make sure we didn't stand in line," said parents Sarah and Nick.

"I heard [Thursday] night at Comalander that it was terrible and it's probably going to keep people from coming to the game if it's that way very often," Charles Bolz said.

District employees are making sure everybody coming to the game, including employees, parents, and students get screened.

The metal detectors are just like you would see at the airport. Attendees are asked to place metal objects in a container for inspection. NEISD says that this added layer of safety is meant to keep varsity sporting events fun and safe for everybody.

"I don't think we are in a particularly dangerous area but I'm glad we are doing what we can to keep our kids safe," Sarah said.

"I'm thankful they are thinking ahead and just for the protection of this community. I think it is super important that they are one step ahead of everybody," Susie and Kerri said.

The district says that 12 portable metal detectors will be brought to games and set up at all entrance points as needed throughout the season.