Students at Somerset High School are learning from one of their own. Biology teacher Sierra Molina once sat where her students are now sitting.

“I graduated from Somerset in ‘05,” said Molina.

Today the subject was DNA and one could say Somerset is in Molina’s genes.

“My mother is also a graduate from Somerset. I became a teacher most importantly to give back to the community I grew up in,” said Molina.

She also is the head coach for the Girls Track Team and assistant coach for Girls Basketball.

She's been teaching for four years now and her connection to Somerset helps her students succeed.

“We can talk to her about anything and we talk a lot to her and she understands,” said freshman Sebastian Hernandez.

“I love science and I remind the children that biology is life. I want them to love it as much as me,” said Molina.

Her other goal for her students is for them to learn they can be successful.

“They can achieve whatever they want,” said Molina.

“The way she loves and cares for all of her students you can see it the way she teaches everyone. She absolutely loves everyone,” said freshman Rebekah Casey.

“I find great pride in being here and teaching my friends children and knowing their best interest is in my heart.,” said Molina.

That’s something that is very clear to her students.