Teaching on a military post brings challenges when students transfer in and out as their parents are reassigned. Megan Flores embraces those demands at Ft. Sam Houston ISD.

KENS 5 surprised Flores at an assembly, where she was honored with the KENS 5 Credit Human EXCEL Award.

Flores is a reading interventionist at Cole Middle School. She also helps coach the volleyball and basketball teams and is the head coach of the high school softball team.

“She’s a really good role model. She shows us that she’s strong,” junior Kara Leza said. “And when you put time in it, your outcome will be good if you take the time and really try.”

Flores applies that work ethic to athletics and academics.

“It’s always, ‘never give up,’” Flores said. “It has to be that perseverance, it has to be that resilience, especially with our kids who come in and out of 100 different school doors within their school careers. It’s just having them push through those times.”

Having grown up in a military family, herself, Flores knows the challenges and the benefits of being a child of our servicemen and servicewomen.

“It’s difficult but, in a way, it builds the character that these kids have,” Flores said. “It’s amazing how one kid can walk through the door and, just like that, they have 15 friends by lunch. The way they come together in a community, in themselves, is just amazing to see.”

It’s also amazing to see the impact that she’s having on students.

“I get A’s and B’s. My goal is to get A’s with her now,” Leza said. “And, in this class, I get 100’s, and with my math class, I get 100’s too.”

Megan Flores is shaping champions in and out of the classroom.