Math can be an intimidating subject. But eighth-grade students at Medina Valley Middle School look forward to it because of Lou Ann Witte.

"She's funny, she's really funny," eighth-grader Robert Gilmore said.

"Math is hard for some kids so you've kind of got to be an entertainer to teach math," Witte said.

One of the ways she entertains is to have student dab to illustrate positive and negative equation results.

"She makes math fun to learn about because she makes us words and it's fun," eighth-grader Anna Matthews said.

Witte's goal is to make each student feels successful.

"I think that it's important to build self-esteem and math is one that can cut your self-esteem down quickly. So I think baby steps make them feel successful," Witte said.

This is her 31st year in the classroom. Many of her students have gone on to become teachers, themselves.

"I'm teaching now with quite a few of my ex-students, which means I've been teaching here for quite a while," she laughed.

It also means she's been doing a good job. In her class, grades and confidence are soaring.

"Last year, we couldn't get anything done. And this year, we're flying through techniques," eighth-grader Braxton Parrish said.

Flying through the math techniques and having fun while doing it.