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Dual language teacher Evelyn Bushart wins EXCEL Award for Harlandale ISD

Dual language teacher Evelyn Bushart was named teacher of the year at Rayburn Elementary and is now an EXCEL Award winner for Harlandale ISD.

Harlandale ISD offers an extraordinary dual language program for young students. And first grade teacher Evelyn Bushart is one of the educators who makes the program possible.

Bushart helps her first grade students learn how to speak both Spanish and English at Rayburn Elementary.

“What’s amazing is that you see kids learning from each other, so you see that growth that they’re learning together, so you see both languages develop together,” she said.

Bushart believes that she was called to teach and is hoping to inspire young learners in every way possible. So it’s no surprise that the talented educator was selected as the teacher of the year by Harlandale ISD.

“It was definitely amazing to be selected by my coworkers, that they see that in me,” she said. “So it’s awesome but definitely a surprise.”

A $1,000 check from Credit Human was also a surprise for the first grade dual language teacher. But she says that the best reward is the one she receives every day, watching her students learn.

“She is a very very very nice teacher,” first grader Zoe Torres said. “We learn in very fun ways.”

And even though it might take her talented first graders a few tries when it comes to learning something new, Bushart says that making mistakes is a great way to learn.

“I love when my kids are making connections,” Bushart said. “And it’s ok when they make mistakes. That’s something that’s embraced in my classroom.”

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