A teacher in the Lackland Independent School District serves in many roles.

As the high School Science teacher, Domini Davis teaches biology, anatomy and physiology. She is also the volleyball coach, assistant track coach and often called upon to step into the role of a parent.

She knows firsthand the challenges her students face.

Ten years ago, she was a student at Stacey Jr/Sr High School herself.

"The teachers here at Lackland really influenced me and the choices I made in life were from the lessons they taught me. I really wanted to influence the kids the same way they influenced me. As a coach, I spend a lot of time at school, and these kids, I feel like I am almost their parent," explained Davis.

"She teases me sometimes like my parents do so I kind of feel like she's like my other mom," ninth grader Ariana Flores said.

Supporting parents is an important role for those who teach our military's children.

"These students are a special breed, I am a military child. I had to learn how to be okay with moving so much, how to make friends again and these are very vulnerable children." Davis said.

Every time they move they're afraid of making new friends, afraid of catching upon their grades.

"As teachers, we have to take into account their parents might be gone, they go home and their parents might not even see them some school days because by the time they get home they're asleep. The deployment is a big deal for them. They're very grateful to any teacher that reaches out an extra hand to them," Davis said.

Ninth grader Angela Dillon's mother was recently deployed. Domini Davis was there for her.

"She's like a second mom, she's really supportive and you can talk to her about anything," Dillon said.

Beyond science, Davis' goal is to teach her students life lessons.

"They learn those lesson throughout school in order to be successful after school," Davis said.

The students are learning from a woman who knows exactly what it's like to be in their shoes.