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Kim Kainer wins KENS 5 Credit Human EXCEL award for Alamo Heights ISD

Kainer teaches first graders in an all inclusive classroom at Woodridge Elementary School.

SAN ANTONIO — You don’t have to meet Kim Kainer to know the type of teacher she is.  Just ask her colleagues.

“Parents love her. Students love her and her peers really love her,”, Principal Gerrie Spellmann said. 

Kainer teaches first graders in an all inclusive classroom at Woodridge Elementary School.

Born and bred in Texas, as a young woman still attending Texas A&M 25 years ago, Kainer knew exactly where she wanted to be the rest of her life. It was in the middle of children that she envisioned herself and she ended up exactly where she wanted.

“It’s really loud right now but usually during the day they’re quiet,” Kainer said describing her classroom. “They’re very excited right now.”

Her first graders were excited to see our cameras and learn they’ll be on television. That’s because Mrs. Kainer had just been honored with the EXCEL award and they were helping celebrate that special occasion. 

“I love working with the kids. I love working with kids,” Kainer repeated. “I love reading a lot so I love helping them become readers and hopefully instilling that joy of reading with them.” 

Kainer’s classroom is made up of 15 children - 6 and 7 years old - some of whom have learning disabilities. 

“It's been really good because there's support in the classroom for students who might have some challenges and that's really important because it's hard as a teacher when you have all the kids in your room and you're trying to meet all their needs.”

Kainer does an outstanding job meeting those needs. In fact, Principal Spellmann says Kainer’s ability to stay calm and patient makes her one of the best teachers she’s ever worked with. 

“Mrs. Kainer is one you don’t come across very often. She has a heart for kids. She knows how to meet the need for the ones who learn differently,” Spellmann said. “Her ingenious ability to build a family in the classroom created a closeness with her students that created an unparalleled respect for her and each other. She is constantly organizing weekend activities for her students and their families to help tighten this bond.”

Kainer on the other hand credits the support she gets from her team. 

“The special education team I work with are great and the administration is very supportive. That makes the difference.”

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