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Kellie Clark-Chan wins KENS 5 EXCEL Award for Lackland ISD

In addition to joy, Clark-Chan also brings purpose. She says each Children’s book has a special meaning.

SAN ANTONIO — By day she’s a teacher and by night, she’s a student.

“I’m in a reading specialist program through UTSA,” Kellie Clark-Chan said as she explained how she spends most of her day, “I just keep on going. It’s like a motor.”

Clark-Chan says she has one goal.

“My goal is to work with students who struggle with reading either because they have some kind of reading disability in some way.”

In her 6th grade English classes at Stacey Jr/Sr High School, some of the novels they read are what you would expect for middle school students.  Her other book choices, not so much.

“They usually roll their eyes at the beginning of the school year when I say that we're going to start every class period reading a children's book.“

But they quickly change their mind when they find out just how fun it is to be part of this team project.  

I try and find little ways throughout the class period to just bring some joy into the classroom.“

In addition to joy, Clark-Chan also brings purpose. She says each Children’s book has a special meaning.

Sometimes I try and find books to kind of connect to things that they're going through as middle schoolers. So books that talk about accepting others for who they are or books that cover topics like bullying or social anxiety.”

Especially she says since her students at Lackland ISD are military kids already dealing with a lot of change.

Our students, especially here on Lackland, all of them are military kids or the vast majority of them are. And so there's a lot of stressors in their lives.”

Clark-Chan’s commitment to her students has not gone unnoticed.

“What she didn’t tell you,” said Principal Dr. Hunter Shelby, “she's also working with some of our new teachers.”

Her leadership and dedication have earned her recognition across Lackland ISD.

Eyewitness News Anchor Sarah Forgany honored Clark-Chan for her achievements, We would like to present you with our KENS 5 EXCEL award,” Forgany said. That award includes a $1,000 check from Credit Human.

“She’s a fantastic teacher,” added Superintendent Dr. Burnie Roper who was there for the award presentation.

Clark-Chan is clearly a teacher who has a lot of love to give.  

I hope that kind of ignites a love of reading in them.

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