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'I've had the best job ever' | Elisabeth Murguia wins KENS 5 EXCEL Award for Alamo Heights ISD

This week’s KENS 5 EXCEL nominee out of Alamo Heights ISD has two passions. Teaching and Fitness. On both ends, she’s proven to be a winner.

SAN ANTONIO — This week’s KENS 5 EXCEL nominee is from Alamo Heights ISD and has two passions --- teaching and fitness. On both ends, she’s proven to be a winner.

“We did a Tabata. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off,” Beth Murguia said. “Constantly staying, staying active and moving.”

Keeping up with 40 kids, two classes at a time and constantly going is not a job for the faint of heart. However, it’s the perfect job for Ms. Murguia.

“Oh, I love it, I love it,“ she said.

She's teaching first through fifth grade P.E. at Cambridge Elementary saying, “I like to be a good role model for my students."

It may surprise you this avid runner and cycling instructor avoids using the “E” word.  “You want to take the word 'exercise' out that. For some reason {exercise} has a bad reputation. “

Instead she pushes them to use their imagination, “I tell them we're having an adventure.“

The trick seems to be working. Her students, colleagues and even the school district have noticed her dedication and passion for the job but even more importantly, the results that come with it.

“I love when they come back and tell me their adventure they had over the weekend --- what they did. You know, I did a soccer game, I rode my bike or we walked my dog,“ Murguia said.

When they return to Murguia’s class from a fun weekend, fun is far from over and another big adventure awaits.

“When we run a lap, I'll have them put their hand on their heart so they can feel it. And I say, 'what's your heart saying right now?' They’ll say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you because it's just beating and it just loves it when we exercise it,” Murguia said, “It starts at a young age. What we do to our bodies at that age is going to affect us when we get older. “

So, Murguia takes these little ones on a new health quest once a month. But this one requires more of their hands than feet.  

“We actually do some cooking in the gym. Kids get a chance to see how to make a recipe that's healthy, that's inexpensive and super easy to make that they can take home and make it home,“ Murguia said. 

But, that’s not all they take home when they leave Murguia’s class. “It's a curriculum that's just teaching the importance of kindness.”

A journey of patience, listening to each other and teamwork.  

“We did a lot of activities today where they had to work with each other and learn how to say hello with a smile and had some fun ways of different handshakes that they can do,“ Murguia said. 

Murguia was nominated by Alamo Heights ISD for the KENS 5 EXCEL Award, an honor reserved for the best teacher in the school district. KENS 5 partner Credit Human gave Murguia a $1,000 check. Murguia said she was humbled and looking forward to many more years of teaching.

“It's been 14 years. I've had the best job ever.“

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