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Comal ISD teacher changes careers with a desire to help students | EXCEL Award

Davis says it’s her belief every child needs a champion. While she can’t control how they come in her classroom, she says she can control how they leave her class.

SAN ANTONIO — She said she’d never be a teacher but as the saying goes, never say never. She left her television career with a desire to serve and impact kids.  

Today it’s exactly what she does. This 5th grade teacher is nominated from among hundreds at Comal ISD for our KENS 5 Excel Award. 

She thought she was joining a regular work call but she was actually being surprised with the award.

“We wanted to surprise you. I'm glad that we're starting your week this way,” Sarah Forgany said.

The surprise left Courtney Davis at a loss for words and emotional as her family walked in to the classroom to join the celebration.

"This is my daughter Maevyn,” Davis said introducing her family including her parents, grandmothers and boyfriend, all huddled together in a proud moment at Clear Spring Elementary as KENS 5 and Partners Credit Human honored Davis with the KENS 5 Excel Award and a $1,000 check.   

"I made the comment last night to my wife that the Good Lord took two average teachers and made one really good one", Davis’ father said.

With both her dad and mom as lifelong educators, teaching is in Davis' blood. Though she didn't always follow the path, "This is the second career for me,” Davis said.

Davis was a television sports anchor and sideline reporter before making the switch to the classroom,  leading right back to her roots.

"I found exactly what I was supposed to do," Davis said.

Today she leads her 5th grade social studies and English classrooms not by data, but by building relationships.  

"I don't really believe in just sitting there and teaching at them, and so we do a lot of games incorporated into our learning and we do a lot of cooperation where they're up and they're moving." 

Davis says it’s her belief every child needs a champion. While she can’t control how they come in her classroom, she says she can control how they leave her classroom each day.

"Last year, I dressed up as the Grinch and I showed up and they put me on trial and the bailiff hauled me off to jail. But then they also had to justify what they were sentencing me for ."

Davis said everybody was involved  and everybody had a piece of that project. Some of her 5th grade students jumping in telling us “She’s definitely amazing.”

And it doesn’t stop at the classroom. Davis is willing to go the extra mile even if it means spending her days off and holidays watching and encouraging her students accomplish things they love.  

"I’ve been to plenty of horse shows and basketball games, and those are my forever kids. I went and sat through a very cold football game over Thanksgiving to watch a touchdown throw for the win,” Davis said, “ That's what this career is about and that's what it's given me and the opportunities. I wouldn't have traded the path. It took me to get here for anything. “

Davis is also a Campus Team Leader, UIL Spelling coach and a member of the COVID safety and security task force committees for her campus and Comal ISD.

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