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As school campuses closed Tuesday, one San Antonio district remained open

In a social media post, Southside ISD said, 'school is the warmest place that they have and some parents may not have someone to take care of their children.'

SAN ANTONIO — As winter weather pushed through Tuesday, nearly all school districts in Bexar County closed due to frigid conditions.

Canceled classes kept some parents home from work to watch their kids who suddenly had the day off. Siblings Crew and Bay Brown weren't sad about staying home from school after Northside Independent School District closed campuses.

"I'm happy I don't have to go to school but then when I'm home I'm bored, and I kind of want to go to school," said Bay Brown, laughing.

Bay jokingly asked her mom Amanda Brown to take her to the park or pool to get out of the house. Her mom promised painting, snacks and her phone if the kids behaved while she worked. 

An educator herself, Brown taught her college classes remotely on Tuesday due to the freeze.

"We make it work," said the mom.

Brown has worked in other industries and knows what it's like to not be able to stay home at a moment's notice or during inclement weather.

"I've been in the shoes of people that didn't have an option, who had to work and I didn't have anyone and that's just really hard," said Brown.

It's a reality some families likely faced as school districts canceled class. Just about all campuses around Bexar County closed on Tuesday, except Southside Independent School District.

The district serves about 6,000 students across eight campuses.

"This morning at 5 a.m. we had our transportation director do a drive of the roads coming from the north side all of the way to our district and he felt the bus routes would be safe," said Superintendent Rolando Ramirez.

Based off conversation he had with other superintendents, Ramirez was under the impression other districts would remain open. Next thing he knew, closures started to be announced.

"It was already close to 6 o'clock and we felt that our bus routes were already taking place. We felt that we would put our parents in a difficult situation with them not making arrangements for somebody to be there with their children," said Ramirez.

Ramirez added schools are a warm place to go and provide guaranteed meals for students.

"And that was available for parents if they opted to send their children to school," he said.

If parents opted to keep their children home, Ramirez said their absence would be excused. However, a lot of students showed up for class on Tuesday.

At last check, Ramirez said Southside ISD has a 65 percent district wide attendance. For now, the district is determining if campuses will remain open Wednesday.

 "Whatever decision is made, we want to give enough time for our parents to make arrangements,” said Ramirez.

Other districts have already made the call to cancel class. You can view a list of school closures here.

Brown said she trusts her district to make the best decision for staff and students.

"I know the district will make the best decision based on safety."

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