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Harlandale ISD junior is focused on making a positive impact | All-Star Student

Michelle Voges said she hopes to be a role model for girls who want to pursue STEM careers.

SAN ANTONIO — One Harlandale ISD Junior is on the fast track to finding success, but it’s the positive impact that she’s making that’s inspiring others.

You could say that Michelle Voges is quite the influencer.

“She's definitely an influencer, those that are around her wants to reach her levels,” said Marco Mendez, Engineering teacher and Robotics Coach at Harlandale STEM Early College High School.

Mendez has known Michelle at the school since she started as a freshman.

“She’s so meticulous with her work, everything is so detailed, everything is so organized and it transfers to every aspect,” said Mendez. “She understands that the small details make a big difference.”

Michelle has a busy schedule.  She is taking dual credit classes at Palo Alto College and earning a 4.0 GPA, while at the same time taking high school courses, serving as Vice President of Student Council, and running on McCollum High School’s Track and Field Team.

Michelle has also been an integral force on the schools COVID-19 panel as a student representative.

“You can tell that she inspires other students even as she works extremely hard. And I think that's just what drives her,” said Chelbee Farnen, Chemistry Teacher and Student Council Sponsor.

Both Mendez and Farnen agree that Michelle is on the fast track to success.

“I've been in love with the idea of fixing things and solving problems,” said Michelle.

And, it’s her mission to make a positive impact that also allows Michelle to stand out.

Farnen said she’s always offering to tutor and help other students.

“You may not understand where you're going right now, and quite frankly, things are coming at you at a million miles per hour. People are going to be telling you things. You're going to get confused, but you need to believe in yourself,” said Michelle.

Next year, Michelle will graduate from high school with an Associates’ Degree in Science.

Farnen said Michelle is also paving the way as a role model to inspire other girls to embrace a love for STEM.

“I think her natural curiosity is really an inspiration to the students around her,” said Farnen.

Those are just a few reasons that Michelle Voges is a KENS5 All-Star Student.

Oscar Saucedo with the UPS Store presented Michelle with the All-Star Award.

Michelle said she’s still undecided what university will attend after graduation, but said she will pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

“If we just believe and we don't give up, I truly believe women are going to rule the world one day,” said Michelle.

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