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Cibolo teen's hustle and heart sets her apart | All-Star Student

Kalea Ajel, a senior at Steele High, is the newest KENS 5 All-Star Student.

Kalea Ajel is always on the move.

“Her days always start early with cross country in the morning,” said Steele High School soccer coach Leslie Lock. “Then she has club after school.”

Kalea, a Schertz Cibolo Universal City ISD student at the top of her game, would make most people tired just listening to her extensive list of extracurriculars.

“I just go from one thing to another and just don’t stop,” she said. 

Teachers and staff at Steele High School said Kalea has a zest for life that fuels her passion for doing it all.

“She just has that energy and she just wants to be there to support her teammates, her school,” said Lock.

“I just try to be the bubbly, energetic person everyone wants to be around,” Kalea added. “I always try to tell myself that, 'You're going to have a good day.' And even if it's not the next day, it will be good."

In addition to her participation on three team sports, Kalea is a member of Student Council and National Honor Society. 

“She is just driven. She has goals for herself. She knows what she wants,” said Lock.

Kalea excels in her advanced courses, and is ranked in the top 10% of her senior class.

“You never have to question what you're going to get with Kalea, because she's always going to give you her best,” said Lock.

Kalea is also a role model for young students as a leader in the Air Force JROTC program.

“She's a flight commander, which is a leader of a class of 30 freshman cadets,” said Chief Master Sgt. Joe Johnson, Steele HS Air Force JROTC instructor. 

“I like to pick people up and just be there support and let them know that I'll be there for them,” said Kalea.

Johnson said she leads by being an example of hard work and perseverance.

“She's also very humble,” he added. “So even though she does all of those things, she's very down to earth and very approachable so the kids can kind of gravitate toward her because of her personality.”

It’s easy to see that Kalea’s hustle and heart make her a standout at her school and in her community.

“I think girls will see this and be like, ‘Oh, if she can do it, then I can too,’” said Kalea.

Those are just a few reasons why Kalea Ajel is a KENS 5 All-Star Student.

Representing 60 UPS Stores across the region, Antonio Castello presented Kalea with the All-Star Award.

“We’re proud to salute you as a member of our youth community who exhibits leadership, scholarship achievements, and community service involvement,” said Castello.

Kalea said she’s still undecided what university she will attend after she graduates, but said she wants to play soccer and study psychology.

“I just want everyone to think of me as the girl who did everything and had fun doing it.” 

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