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All-Star Student: Randolph Field ISD student has a passion for uplifting his peers

Randolph High School junior, Eseabasi Akai, is a KENS 5 All-Star Student.

UNIVERSAL CITY, Texas — A Randolph Field ISD student is using his vibrant voice to empower his peers, and showing anyone who will listen that with drive and dedication, anything is possible.

Eseabasi Akai is a junior at Randolph High School, and spend any time with him now, you’d never guess he used to be a shy kid.

I was very nervous about talking and interacting,” said Eseabasi.  “But, I guess I still had that little spark of leadership in me.”

That is until that little spark grew into a mighty flame.  Leaders at Randolph High School said Eseabasi has a passion for motivating his peers.

“He takes over a room in a way that people genuinely respect and listen, but in a very positive way,” said Randolph High School Vice Principal, Amanda Crumpler.   “He's uplifting as a leader, he's encouraging as a leader.”

Crumpler said those leadership skills were evident when Eseabasi picked up the mic at a pep rally and led his peers in what he calls a “motivation check.”

“It just helps our blood get pumping, allows us to be more energized for what we're going to do and just makes everyone feel more excited, because when you do it, it just feels as though you're part of something big,” said Eseabasi.

In addition to juggling many after school activities like National Honor Society, and Academic Decathlon, Eseabasi earns top grades in his rigorous, college level courses. 

Plus, he serves as 1st Lieutenant and Drill Team Commander for Randolph’s Air Force JRTOC program where he leads a group of at least 30 cadets.

“He's just that dedicated. He's driven. When he sees something he wants, he goes and gets it,” said Sgt. Paul Scott, Air Force JROTC Instructor.

Eseabasi said his motivation and drive to achieve his goals is something he learned from his parents, who immigrated to the U.S. from Nigeria.

“They've given me and my brother so many different opportunities to be able to do what I can do today,” said Eseabasi.  “And, without them, I don't even think I'd be the person I am.”

Both Scott and Crumpler agree that Eseabasi is a positive force at Randolph High.

“People like him and they want to do good for him. And, he's just he's a natural,” said Scott.

“He's friendly. He is kind. He's genuine,” said Crumpler.  “He really connects with people , whether it's his classmates, his teachers, his administrators, he's just a good, good person.”

Eseabasi said he hopes he leaves behind a legacy of kindness and compassion that students will remember for years after he graduates.

“They'll always remember me as a tall guy that was always energetic, full of spunk, and was a great leader,” said Eseabasi.

Those are just a few reasons why Eseabasi Akai is a KENS 5 All Star Student.

Anna Castello with the UPS Store at the Forum presented Eseabasi with the All-Star Award.

“Congratulations on all your accomplishments,” said Castello.

Eseabasi hopes to attend Baylor University after he graduates next year where he’ll begin his studies to pursue a career as a Cardiologist.

“If people really do try and try their best in whatever they do, they can strive to reach whatever they want to achieve,” said Eseabasi.

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