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All-Star Student: Judson ISD junior is a trailblazer with go-getter attitude

Dontae Christie is a KENS5 All-Star Student.

SAN ANTONIO — A Judson ISD 11th grader is a rising star at Veterans Memorial High School.

Dontae Christie is known across campus for his positive mindset and go-getter attitude, and he’s making an impact on the entire community.

Dontae will be the first to say that he’s not caught up in the latest trends because he’s the trailblazer out there setting new ones.

“I just feel like my job is to be like the first of everything, to start new traditions,” said Dontae. “My parents really pushed me to try to do more to speak out and show who I am.”

Dontae’s teachers said he has special skills able to influence the energy across campus.

“He's passionate about creating an atmosphere where his peers feel heard and involved,” said Teen Leadership Teacher, Laura Guerra.

It’s easy to see by the crowd who came out to support him last week, that Dontae is both a friend and leader among his peers.

“He's kind. He has a heart of gold,” said Guerra.

Dontae earns top grades in his advanced classes, and brings home top honors in Academic Decathlon Competitions.

“He does strive to get those A's, and he does get those A's. I know for an AP class that does take a lot of time and a lot of devotion,” said AP US History Teacher, Chad Shugart.  “He doesn't give up. He keeps on going at it.”

Dontae said the journey to take a new path wasn’t always easy.

“I do have those times where I feel like what I'm doing isn't enough and, you know, I have that self-doubt,” said Dontae.

However, even during challenging times, his teachers agree that Dontae is bounding over barriers on his road to success.

“I don't feel like I should be behind the wall. I should be up front,” said Dontae. 

Those are just a few reasons why Dontae Christie is a KENS5 All-Star Student.

Ana Castello with the UPS Store at the Forum presented Dontae with the All-Star Award.

Dontae said after he graduates next year he hopes to attend college on the east coast, and perhaps pursue a career as an attorney.

“He is awesome. I feel like he's going nowhere but up from here,” said Guerra.

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