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All-Star Student: Ft. Sam Houston ISD senior leading with a humble heart

Robert G. Cole High School student, Arabella Ravnall is a KENS5 All-Star Student.

SAN ANTONIO — A Fort Sam Houston ISD student has a fearless attitude and she’s inspiring others with her fiery spirit and determination to succeed.

Arabella Ravnall is a vibrant force at Robert G. Cole High School.

“She's one of our very special kids who've been here her entire school career, and that doesn't happen much with the military school,” said Principal, Isabell Clayton.

Arabella’s teachers said she’s spunky, strong and able to leap over obstacles in a single bound.

“She really is the epitome of, if you fall, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again,” said Teacher, Dr. Kayla Nellums.

Clayton said Arabella is the unofficial school ambassador and one of the most welcoming students who ever attended Cole High School.

“She will reach out to anybody who's new and she'll make them feel comfortable, she’ll make sure they get to the right place,” said Clayton. “She's just amazing.”

Arabella earns top grades in the classroom while participating in a long list of school activities, including National Honor Society, Cheerleading, Student Council, and acting as Captain of the Soccer Team.

“Everything she does, she does with enthusiasm and she cares about everybody here, and that makes her stand out,” said Clayton.

Arabella said she’s honored to be a role model to her peers, and she leads with a humble heart.

“I try and motivate people to bring out the best in them,” said Arabella. “So, I don't really think about myself like that. I think about others before I think about myself.”

Arabella is creating a brighter tomorrow by showing others today that the bravest thing you can be, is yourself.

“Be proud of who you are because it's not easy,” said Arabella.  “And, if you want to change, change for yourself, not for other people.”

Those are just a few reasons why Arabella Ravnall is a KENS5 All-Star Student.

Alex Hatzis representing over 60 UPS Stores across the region, presented Arabella with the All-Star Award.

Arabella said she hopes to continue her mission of inspiring others when she graduates and attends Texas Woman’s University.  She plans to pursue a career as a social worker to work with children.

“She has the biggest heart that you will ever, ever, ever, ever find,” said Nellums.  “and because she has such a big heart, she is going to take that and she's going to rule the world with it.”

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