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All-Star Student: Edgewood ISD student teaching lesson of acceptance by example

Edgewood ISD's KC Cerda is a KENS5 All-Star Student.

SAN ANTONIO — An Edgewood ISD student is taking center stage as a role model to his peers, but it’s not just his on-stage presence that makes him a standout.

KC Cerda is a vibrant force at Edgewood ISD’s Fine Arts Academy.

“Not only is KC doing theater productions, but then Casey is also doing film production on the side as well,” said Theater Teacher, Claudia Casso.

KC will tell you that theater means more to him than just memorizing and performing lines on stage.

“I love theater because it gives you a chance to be someone else. It gets you a chance to explore someone else's identity and someone else's life, and it gives you a chance to sort of mold that into your own and sort of create it as well,” said KC.

School leaders said that it’s not just his on-stage charisma that puts him in the spotlight.

“KC is exemplary, and an all-around student.  He is able to get involved and nurture classmates, also take charge, take the lead,” said Principal, Timothy Vaughn.

Vaughn describes KC as a beacon of light shining across the entire campus.

“That is really a magnificent gift that everybody does not have. You don't always have to be vocal, but when you come into the room and you have the ability to change, your aura can change a room, that’s what KC exudes,” said Vaughn.

Casso said it’s KC’s strength to overcome any adversity that also make him a standout and a role model for his peers.

“I think KC really shows perseverance and that tenacity, and really showing other students that no matter what the circumstances are, you can just keep pressing on,” said Casso.

“I want to leave this school knowing that I left a mark, especially for people like me who are very colorful and very out there and who have been sort of like picked on ever since, they sort of expressed that,” said KC.  “It says that I can do anything to sort of make someone open to who they are and make them feel confident enough to be who they are.”

Those are just a few reasons why KC Cerda is a KENS5 All-Star Student.

Regina Espree, representing the UPS Store at Lackland Air Force Base, presented KC with the All-Star Award.

“May this be only one of your future accolades,” Espree said to KC during the award presentation.

KC will graduate next year and said he hopes to attend film school in New York City, and in the meantime, he said he hopes he will continue making an impact in his school and community.

“It's important to me because every person in the world, despite who they are, deserves to be accepted for who they are,” said KC.

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