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Alamo Heights football players suspended for alleged hazing activity, UIL manual outlines ethics of sportsmanship on and off the field

Friday's game is still scheduled for Friday despite recent events.

SAN ANTONIO — The University Interscholastic League (UIL), which oversees high school athletics in Texas, states in its sportsmanship manual, “Good sportsmanship is not limited to the playing field.”

KENS 5 reached out to UIL regarding the alleged hazing incident involving Alamo Heights Highschool football players.

AHISD officials said the district received messages through its anonymous tip line one week ago detailing “safety concerns and allegation of misconduct” by members of the football team.

The district noted the alleged incident did not happen on school property. 

“Hazing is a very serious matter in high schools across the nation. Due to the developmental stages of adolescence, many students feel a strong need to belong to a certain group or organization,” states a portion of the Ethics section of the UIL manual on sportsmanship.

The UIL sportsmanship manual hazing should not happen in Texas high schools and that the organization takes a “very strong stance in the prevention of such actions.” 

“If everyone works together in an effort stop hazing in your program, you can build closer teams and foster individual relationships, which are healthy to the educational process,” according to the UIL sportsmanship manual.

A UIL spokeswoman tells KENS 5 the matter is currently being handled by AHISD. 

“Sections 27 and 29 of the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules include penalties the State Executive Committee and the District Executive Committees can impose for violations of ethics, sportsmanship codes, eligibility rules, contest plans or reporting practices,” said Julia Zachary, UIL communicators coordinator. “Until we receive a report from AHISD, interview requests are best submitted to the district.”

KENS 5 learned 21 football players are suspended as a result of the alleged hazing.

AHISD’s student handbook states the district will not tolerate hazing and disciplinary consequences will be implemented.

The student handbook states: “It is a criminal offense if a person engages in hazing; solicits, encourages, directs, airs, or attempts to aid another in hazing; or has firsthand knowledge of an incident of hazing being planned or having occurred and fails to report this to the principal or superintendent.” 

The  Alamo Heights Police Department said they currently have an open investigation involving members of the football team, but did not give any other details.

Meanwhile, AHISD officials say Friday’s game versus Seguin High School is still scheduled.

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