SAN ANTONIO — An innocent woman was injured after getting t-boned by a car fleeing police. 

According to the Converse Police Chief Fidel Villegas, what began as a shoplifting incident in Converse at a Walmart on FM 78 turned into a police chase that resulted in a crash injuring four people.

Chief Villegas said that two women assaulted a loss prevention worker when they were questioned at Walmart. They ran out of the store and then hopped into a car driven by a man. 

The trio sped west on FM 78 with officers in pursuit. When they got to the freeway, the getaway car reportedly t-boned a car. 

The woman driving the t-boned car was taken to a nearby hospital with leg injuries. 

The three people who were running away were all slightly injured; they were also taken to the hospital. 

According to Chief Villegas, the driver of the getaway car told first responders that he felt ill because he ingested cocaine that he had on him. 

Shortly after the crash, the suspect's car caught fire. 

The driver, Lance Morgan, 31, faces several charges, including aggravated assault, evading arrest and failure to stop and render aid.