CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A vicious wild animal was caught on camera terrorizing a local neighborhood. A father was in the car with his two teenage daughters when they got into a stare down with an aggressive coyote.

"You knew something was wrong?" asked NBC Charlotte's Xavier Walton.

"It was like this slow realization of like oh this isn't good," said Hannah Schroter.

For Hannah Schroter, her sister Summer and their dad, it was a drive home from bible study they'll never forget. Before getting to their house, they saw a coyote clawing at a neighbors fence. They pulled over.

Once they got a closer look, Hannah's father could tell something wasn't right.

"I went from 'we're just going to let this thing run off into the woods and be a coyote,' to, 'this thing is going to attack anything in its path,'" said John, Hannah's father.

John pulled out his cell phone and recorded the entire encounter.

"It was there and then it started walking towards us," Hannah said.

That's when it went from bad to worse. As the coyote got closer Hannah who was riding shotgun rolled up her window.

"When it was growling, I thought it was going to jump on the hood of the car or something," said Hannah. "Like in that moment, I was like I don't know what's about to happen?"

Instead of jumping on the windshield, the family said the coyote started attacking the car.

"He actually started chewing on my front grill," John said. "I put it in reverse a little bit and then he took off."

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's animal control crews captured and euthanized the coyote. Samples have been sent to Raleigh where tests will determine if the coyote had rabies.