SAN ANTONIO — Pump the brakes! A cyclist took a joyride on highway I-35 near loop 1604 and got heads spinning.

"There are no words for it,” cyclist Regina Parreira said. “I'm sorry. Whoever you are, you are stupid."

Parreira, who’s been riding her bike for years, cringed at the video of a cyclist taking on traffic on I-35.
"Everything was wrong," Parreira said. "He got on a freeway, he wasn't wearing a helmet, he had no visibility, he was riding on a road where cars are going 75-80 miles an hour," Parreira said.  
She said riders face enough dangers on city streets. She recalled a close encounter, just a couple of days ago with a driver while riding with a group of friends.

"We were riding on a small country road north of San Antonio and a motorist came very close to hitting us," Parreira said.    
A viewer submitted the video of the cyclist to KENS 5 after spotting the rider earlier this week.
San Antonio Police said it's not only illegal to ride on a highway, the ride poses a danger to the cyclist and other drivers.

Police said if a cyclist is caught riding on the highway, they could face hundreds of dollars in fines and may face charges if they cause an accident.

Parreira urges riders to think 'safety first.' She said it’s important to wear bright colors, a helmet and ride with lights on the front and on the back of the bike, but more importantly, stay off the highways.