Police answered a question Wednesday that many people have been asking for days.

Why hasn't there been a massive, public search effort launched to find a baby boy missing since Friday night?

At a noon-hour briefing at Public Safety Headquarters, San Antonio Police Lt. Jesse Salame said, “We're still looking for the baby and we're continuing to talk to people and if we need to execute more warrants we will do that.”

Police said Friday night Christopher Davila told a story that his car had been stolen from a west side convenience store with his eight-month-old son inside. 

An immediate search was launched for baby King Jay Davila.  Police found the car a few miles from their starting point, but the baby has yet to been found.

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From the outset, police said they doubted the father’s story and arrested him on a child endangerment charge. He has since posted bond and has been released from jail.

Later, police identified the woman seen in surveillance video taking the car, but they determined she is a cousin of the baby’s father.  She was arrested on an unrelated robbery charge.  

Police called the entire incident a fabricated story to cover up foul play involving the boy.

Salame said police are grateful for every tip that has been called in by the public, but a large-scale search of a particular area is just not possible at this time.

"We don't just, I mean, where do you start? And how many people do you need? There's some things that we have information on and we don't want to compromise the case and so we just can't release it but we do appreciate the sentiment," Salame said, adding they are tracking tips people are posting on social media.  

As they have since the start of the search, police are urging everyone to help them with information.

Salame said “The main thing is if you have any information, if you know anybody that has information, no matter how insignificant you think that it is. You saw something. You heard something. Call it in. We'll check it out."

Salame said police are grateful for the public's help in locating a woman they believe may have important clues.

“As you know, we were looking for a potential witness last night. We did find that individual and we did question them. She came in and gave a statement, as for how cooperative she was, I can't comment on that,"  Salame said, adding they are still calling that woman a witness in the case.

Salame also confirmed that police searched a home in northeast San Antonio Tuesday night that is connected to additional family members.

“We go where the evidence leads us. The searches that we have conducted so far, are what we've done. It doesn't mean by any means that we're complete,” Salame said.

Because so many people want to do something, anything, to help, a local minister has organized a prayer vigil for Friday night at Monterrey Park on West Commerce Street, not far from one of the homes connected to the Davila family. Reverend Jimmy Robles said the group will organize at 6 pm and the vigil will begin at 7 pm.

Organizers are urging people to bring candles and prayers of hope.  They are also urging Facebook users to use the missing baby's image as a profile picture until he is found.