SAN ANTONIO — A suspect has been arrested and charged with murder after a 26-year-old man was killed on the northeast side while trying to buy a set of rims on Friday, according to the San Antonio Police Department.

Jacob Lee Galvan, 28, is accused of stabbing the victim after an argument.

SAPD says that the victim was found lying on the ground in front of a home on the 5800 block of Valley Forge Avenue on Friday.

According to investigators, Galvan, a man, and an unidentified woman were at the home interested in purchasing the rims.

As the seller walked in the garage to get the rims, the Galvan and the other man began arguing, police said. The altercation progressed to Galvan allegedly stabbing the other man. The victim ran down the down the street and collapsed in the lawn of a nearby house.

Galvan and the unidentified woman fled the scene.

The victim was later pronounced dead at San Antonio Military Medical Center.

Police questioned the seller when they arrived at the scene. He told them he posted the rims for sale online before the incident, SAPD said.

They located Galvan several hours later and took him into custody.

He's been charged with murder.

A neighbor's home surveillance captured the moments after the victim was stabbed. You can see the victim running out of the house and down the street, as the suspect and unidentified women get in the car.

Jon Maresh lives just a couple houses down from where the incident happened. He said his cameras have caught several suspicious incidents at that location. Several neighbors called it a "problematic" house.

"It's sickening. I've been here 18 years and it just, it used to be a nice community and it's just gone to crap," Maresh said. "My boat was broken into, the car was broken into, across the street, car was broken into, neighbors down the street, cars were broken into. I mean, where does it end?"

He said he hopes there will be an increased police presence in the neighborhood to help decrease the amount of crime.

"Something is always going down there at that house," Maresh said. "Police department needs to help us because it's getting bad over here and somebody needs to do something."