SAN ANTONIO - No charges will be filed against a liquor store employee who shot and killed a customer Tuesday afternoon, according to police. The employee had claimed self defense.

Police say the shooting happened around 1:45 p.m. Tuesday at S And M Liquor.

The store is located at 1530 Austin Highway on the northeast side of the city.

Early reports from the scene indicated the store's owner was the shooter, and that the customer was accused of robbing the store at the time of his death.

However, SAPD later said the employee has had issues with the customer involved in the past, and that the customer has previously threatened to rob the store.

Police said the employee and the customer got into some sort of argument Tuesday, and the employee told the customer to "back away multiple times." When the employee was "backed into a corner," police said he shot and killed the customer.

A man working at a nearby business told KENS 5 at the scene that the customer killed in this incident seemed intoxicated before the shooting broke out.

"I assumed he was homeless. He was stumbling, a little inebriated," said Leon Hefner, witness. "He didn't look well."

Police said the man who got shot called a suicide hotline before the shooting occurred, threatened to rob the store and then, kill himself.

On Monday, police say it was determined that the employee will not face charges in the shooting.