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'The prison that she lived in her entire life' | Two arrested after child makes outcry of sexual abuse

Deputies said video recovered from surveillance cameras revealed evidence of the events that unfolded.

SAN ANTONIO — EDITOR'S NOTE: Some details may be disturbing for some readers.

Two people have been arrested after a child made an outcry of sexual abuse to Bexar County deputies.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar spoke on Wednesday to detail the case that deputies have been investigating. This week, they said they had enough evidence to make an arrest.

Salazar said that a 13-year-old girl told authorities that she had been sexually assaulted. Based on evidence, it's possible this has been taking place for at least four to six years, and potentially since she was a toddler, he said.

"I cant even imagine the prison that she lived in her entire life," Salazar said.

Deputies said video recovered from surveillance cameras revealed evidence of the events that unfolded.

One of the videos reportedly showed the suspects, identified as 39-year-old Christopher Thomley and 32-year-old Ashley Thomley, mixing cough syrup and ice cream to create a "milkshake."

Salazar said that the drink was given to the child to "knock her out." In the video, one person reportedly says, "Oh shoot, we forgot the oxycodone."

Deputies said they recovered years worth of evidence after the arrests were made. Salazar has called the suspects "maniacs" for what they allegedly did to this child.

There was also video captured of the girl leaving. She said goodbye to a dog and walked away. "I think she only ever knew two people and this dog her entire life...I'm sure it was heartbreaking," Salazar said.

On Nov. 7, the girl was reported missing. Deputies found her on a highway and "she was done with that part of her life. I can't even imagine what she went through to get her to that point," Salazar said. She was scared and angry.

That's when the investigation into the Thomleys began.

Salazar said it's possible that other kids were victimized. The sheriff's office is asking the public to contact them if they have additional information about this case.

The child is now under the state's care.

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