We're hearing more from families of the victims who were inside First Baptist Church during the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history.

“Once [the bullets] hit the windows, they all went down. They all went down on the ground to try and take cover, and she did too,” said Karen Warren of her mother Farida Brown, who was shot four times in the legs as she worshipped inside the church.

Warren sped to the church after receiving a phone call that her mom had been shot multiple times. She immediately called her mother as she sped to the church on Sunday from La Vernia.

She wouldn't let her mom hang up until she arrived.

"I said, 'Mom, stay on the phone. Talk to me,’” Warren recalled.

Before the car stopped moving, Warren jumped out in front of the church.

“I told the cop, 'My mom's been shot. I'm going in.' I didn't know if he was gonna stop me, but he was really nice. He said, 'Go. Go get to your mom. Go help.'"

Warren hoped that when she walked in, her mom, 73-year-old Farida Brown, would be alive.

"I had no idea that when I got to the church, the magnitude of what happened. You just can't imagine,” Warren described. “It was just pretty bad. I really can't get into the details."

She found her mom lying on her back, shot four times in her legs.

"She didn't see [the shooter],” Warren said. “All she saw were his black boots."

They rushed Farida to the hospital, where she underwent surgery. Brown is now at home recovering.

"Every time she thinks about it, it makes her really emotional,” Warren explained. “She's having some bad dreams. It's been hard for all of us to sleep."

Warren is sharing her mother's story along with a song she wrote, titled “You're Not Alone,” hoping to comfort those still grieving through music. She says that she wrote the song in July, and thought it was perfect to share with the Sutherland Springs community.

Her sister, Carol Horton, says that they will be at church on Sunday. The family is thankful their mother is okay.

"This older [church], like she said, they may have destroyed it, but we'll make a bigger and better one... with cushion seats!" Horton said.

Farida's recovery will be for at least another six weeks. She's able to walk on her own now, but she's still undergoing physical therapy.

To listen to the song, watch below or click here: