Vice President Mike Pence landed in San Antonio on Wednesday afternoon to meet with the victims of the Sutherland Springs church shooting.

Shortly after landing, Vice President Pence went to BAMC, where several victims are being treated, and then made his way down to Sutherland Springs.

Governor Greg Abbott greeted the vice president, who also came to Texas with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Senator Ted Cruz.

Pence is expected to speak at a vigil on Wednesday night at Floresville High School for the victims of the mass shooting.

Governor Abbott and Pence addressed the media prior to the vigil.

“Three days ago, evil descended on this small town and small church,” Pence said. “We are with you. The American people are with you, and, as the president said on Sunday halfway around the world, we will never leave your side.”

“We had the privilege of visiting with some of the victims at the hospital moments ago, one of whom was shot in the back and was injured in his vertebrae and spinal cord exactly where I was injured. His mom and I shared hugs and talked about the future. And I said, ‘One day, he may grow up to be governor,’” Abbott said. “The reality is that yes there have been tremendous tragedies and there have been remarkable Texans, who are flanking us right now, who have stepped up in a time of challenge. We’re showing, just as we did in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, when Texas faces a tragedy, Texans come together and respond profoundly. And I’m very very proud of our fellow Texans.”

“We’re here to express our deepest sympathies and our resolve, but also to express our admiration for a special community of faith,” Pence added. “Faith is stronger than evil, and the faith of this community is inspiring the nation.”

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