SAN ANTONIO — On Monday, Edgewood ISD teacher Elizabeth Reyes will run 26 miles in honor of the lives lost in Sutherland Springs. It is one mile for each person killed.

"I am preparing my heart, and my soul, and my spirit to run from San Antonio to Sutherland Springs," she said.

She will begin Comanche Park Trailhead and will finish her run at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs.

She will carry the Texas flag with the names of the victims. The art teacher's students helped her make the ribbons on the flag.

"They need to be remembered and recognized," she said. "My goal is to carry their spirits with me for 26 miles and set them free with me as I run."

Reyes runs for others who she calls her "joyriders." She's covered 2,000 miles for about 600 people.

She ran for the shooting victims of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub, the Las Vegas concert, even fallen first responders like San Antonio Police Detective Benjamin Marconi.

"I just want to let the world know that we just have to love one another," she said. "We just have to love each other. We just have to rise in any type of hate. We just have to stay risen."

When Reyes participates in a race, she gives the medal she earned to the person or their families. However, for the victims of Sutherland Springs, she made 26 glass vials that have the names of the victims engraved.

"Every mile I will stop and pull elements from Mother Earth, from her dirt," she said. Those elements will be added to the vials.

Reyes said it symbolizes the journey as well as a bond to the families. She's a runner on a mission and with a purpose.

"I just want people to know that they are not alone," Reyes said. "Your struggles, your triumphs, hardships, or your inspiration. I see you."