The gunman who killed more than two dozen people in the Sutherland Springs massacre promised a military judge five years earlier that he would never allow himself to hurt someone again.

Devin Patrick Kelley made that pledge during court proceedings in 2012, according to Air Force records obtained by the Associated Press.

Kelley told the judge that he had a problem controlling emotions and that "seems to cause a lot of problems in my life."

His ex-wife wrote that Kelley repeatedly hit her, choked her, and pointed a gun at her twice.

Kelley was convicted of assaulting family members while serving in the air force.

The Air Force Public Affairs Office in Washington D.C. told KENS 5 that, since the mass shooting, they have made changes:

"The Air Force has stood up two task forces of 30 Airmen to scrub all Air Force records, back to 2002. It's taking longer than we expected. We have over 100,000 records that we have already reviewed. As we identify those, we are working with the FBI to report them. We're also working with the other services, sharing our lessons learned with them. Initially, we thought we could get through all the records by May. It will probably take us another four or five months to get through everything and try to close out every case."