SAN ANTONIO — Two clerks are recovering after being shot by a gunman during an attempted robbery Thursday night. Police are now searching for the suspect.

The shooting happened around 10:20 p.m. at A-Z Food Mart at East Southcross Blvd and South W.W. White Road.

Police say a gunman held an employee outside at gunpoint, and then went to the front of the store where he demanded cash and began shooting. The suspect fled the scene after shooting a 36-year-old male employee on the backside and a 32-year-old female in the back. 

Shawn Butt, the A-Z Food Mart owner, says surveillance cameras caught the gunman in action as employees and customers ran for cover. He described the gunman as a male about 5’6 or 5’7 in height, but says his face was covered.

Butt says after running the food mart for 10 years, he’s learned that dealing with theft and robberies are part of the job.

He says it is protocol for employees to give thieves the money in the register to diminish the chances of putting their lives at risk. In Thursday night's case, he believes the store clerks panicked and ran.

Between January of 2018 through Oct. 11, 2019, San Antonio Police have responded to 16 disturbances at the store, including seven thefts, one robbery-in-progress, a suspicious person with a gun and now a shooting.

"It makes you upset because you are working hard," Butt said. “I mean, you work hard for your money. These guys that work here, they work every day."

He says both of his employees are in good condition.

Anyone with information about the shooting are encouraged to contact SAPD.