SAN ANTONIO -- A wrong lunch order led to a shooting at one of San Antonio's best known and oldest restaurants, according to the San Antonio Police Department.

KENS 5’s exclusive video shows bullets flying and people diving for cover. Thankfully, police say that everyone is okay.

The Little Red Barn Steakhouse, just south of downtown, is known for servers who wear fake guns and holsters, but on Wednesday a real gun caused a lot of chaos.

A witness, who did not want to be identified, said that she was waiting on some men at lunch who were upset about their food.

“The customers mentioned that he messed up their order, so when the waiter went to the side to step back, one of the customers got loose and started beating on the waiter,” the witness said.

She added that the waiter was able to get away and returned with a gun.

“All I saw was a black gun, cocked it back, went up in the air and shot,” the witness recalled.

The video shows people running and screaming. The witness described pandemonium inside.

“There was old ladies on the floor, one in the back actually crying,” she noted. “It was scary.”

Both the waiter and the customer, who the witness described as beating on him, ran out of the restaurant after the shooting.

Police say that all of them could face charges, and the waiter could lose his job since the restaurant told KENS 5 that it's against company policy for employees to carry guns.