SAN ANTONIO — *Editor's Note: The attached video is from January 8, 2019.

Last month, Detective Daniel J. Pue was notified that he had been suspended indefinitely, without pay, from his position as an officer with the San Antonio Police Department. 

In newly obtained documents from SAPD, the Fire Fighters' and Police Officers' Civil Service Commission stated that Pue violated four of the rules and regulations outlined by the agency: truthfulness of members, responsibility to serve the public- conduct and behavior, use of intoxicants/intoxication, and waste or conversion of city equipment/property. 

The instant disciplinary suspension dates back to an incident from January of this year, where Detective Pue was "assaulting a woman in the front yard of his home," per court documents. 

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Court documents state that while off-duty on the morning of January 7, Detective Pue took the woman's phone without her consent and forced his way into her apartment, by kicking in the front door.

A witness called 911 stating that Pue was assaulting the woman outside. When the arriving deputy asked Pue to come to him, Pue yelled no and closed the door to the home. 

During the course of the criminal investigation, the woman Detective Pue was assaulting, told investigators that he had done so "because she was cheating on him." 

Detective Pue told investigators during their interview with him that "there was no physical altercation or violence between the female and himself" and stated that his relationship with the woman had ended two years prior. 

However, during the investigation, it was determined that Detective Pue lied to investigators because "[he] was hoping with everything that was going on right there, that I was going to be released anyways, and I knew everything being said and everything there is public information, and I didn't want my {redacted} knowing things had continued, on this path with her."

Daniel Pue

Furthermore, documents reveal that Pue's {redacted} informed his immediate supervisor on the morning of his arrest that he "appeared to be passed out due to drinking, and he had slobber and bile on his shirt from drinking too much."

It was later discovered that Pue used his city-issued phone to communicate with the woman and two days prior to the incident sent the woman text messages that read "Enjoy ur life" and "U wanted to f**k other people. There u go. Bye."

It was also discovered that in the weeks prior to the incident, Pue used city computer equipment "on [the woman] for a non-law enforcement purpose."

Following the notification of his indefinite suspension, Pue requested Arbitration on the disciplinary action taken against him. 

He denied the truth of the charges and allegations against him. 

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