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Prosecutors accuse Otis McKane of drug dealing and domestic abuse during sentencing phase of trial

A jury unanimously convicted McKane of capital murder in the shooting death of SAPD Det. Benjamin Marconi.

SAN ANTONIO — The man convicted of murdering Detective Benjamin Marconi was shown to have a history of drug deals and domestic abuse following testimony from multiple witnesses Monday.

A jury unanimously convicted Otis McKane of capital murder in Marconi’s shooting death.

The punishment phase is going on week two where the state and defense legal counsels are introducing witnesses and evidence pertaining to McKane’s past behaviors.

A jury will deliberate once more to determine whether McKane should be sentenced to death or spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Text messages extracted from McKane’s phone revealed his dealings with narcotics including marijuana and various forms of cocaine.

The prosecution brought SAPD Sgt. Kyle Williamson to the stand who read a series of text messages that showcased McKane’s actions of buying and selling drugs.

San Antonio residents Larry Hill and his daughter, Saharia, illustrated McKane’s history of violent behavior.

Saharia and McKane had a baby boy together, which prompted child custody issues.

Saharia described how McKane choked her in bed and threatened her life multiple times.

Larry also described one time when McKane refused to give up Saharia's son at a McDonalds. Larry proceeded to put McKane in a chokehold after he was running around with the child like a football.

The McKane trial will resume Tuesday 1:30 p.m. 

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