Noel Bracy came face to face Monday morning with a man she says has been watching her through her blinds.

“I opened my blinds right here, and I was face to face with him but I couldn’t see his features or anything,” she said. “That’s why we decided to get the camera.”

Bracy set a camera up right outside her bedroom window.

“I’ve been hearing him out there, and I wanted proof and hard evidence,” she said.

Her fears were confirmed when the camera caught a man outside watching her. Bracy believes that he has been looking into her home for at least three weeks.

“I’ve been hearing moaning outside of my window, mostly in the morning when I’m getting ready for work, and sometimes at night,” she said.

The video catches the man peeking in, then seemingly noticing the camera and taking off. But moments later, Bracy says he came back to steal the camera.

Bracy isn’t the only one. An officer with the San Antonio Police Department confirms that there have been several similar incidents in the area of Vance Jackson reported as far back as June.

The incident happened at the Jax Apartments but police say others have been reported at the apartment complex across the street as well.

“He has no right to be doing this,” Bracy said. “He’s invading my privacy, he needs to stop, he needs to be caught.”

She has advice for women in the area.

“If you feel like something is off, take measure, get a camera,” she said. “I never, in a million years, thought this would happen to me. I took measures and I was able to catch him in the act, so hopefully now we can catch him physically.”

Police are investigating. If you have any information or recognize the man in the video, you are urged to call police.