SAN ANTONIO -- A Good Samaritan was shot dead in a busy parking lot after he tried to help a woman. The woman that the victim was trying to help is believed to be a victim of domestic abuse.

On Black Friday, the hustle and bustle of the busy shopping day was interrupted by gun shots at a local Walmart.

“He pulled out a gun and started firing rounds,” San Antonio Police Department Chief William McManus said.

Three people were hurt and one was killed.

Police say that the Good Samaritan was in the parking lot when he saw a stranger, a woman he did not know, being pulled by the hair by a different man. According to police, that’s when the Good Samaritan approached them and said “let her go,” and the abuser shot the Good Samaritan in the neck.

A woman in the car with the Good Samaritan was also hurt and taken to the hospital. A third person, a woman who was not involved, was struck by a bullet. She is at the hospital in critical condition.

Police say that there could have been more injuries or deaths and they understand why the Good Samaritan tried to help.

“It’s just pretty tragic that somebody would go out of their way to try to help somebody else and risk their own lives and that’s exactly what happened,” witness Valerie Barboza said. “He risked his own life.”

The abuser fled the Walmart and a police helicopter followed him. He was arrested without incident near Castroville and Cupples.